DDD Spotlight Artist Program

If you are an artist who lives in the United States and are looking for additional exposure and/or distribution channels for your work, please feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of this page to apply to become a DDD Spotlight Artist. If approved, we will feature you and your work on the DDD web site and/or distribute it over DDD’s media channels (DDD TV, DDD Radio, etc.).

Please note that since there are only a limited number of spaces available, the application process is very competitive and we consequently cannot accept all applications.

Here are some rules and guidelines for submissions:

1. The work that you would like for us to feature and/or distribute must be your own original work.

2. You must own ALL of the rights associated with the work that you would like for us to feature and/or distribute. By submitting your work to DDD, you are affirming that you have ALL of the legal rights to be doing so.

3. The promotion, distribution, and/or sale of your work on the DDD web site and/or through our media channels must not be a violation of any contractual obligations that you may already have in place. DDD will not assume any responsibility or legal liability for any contractual violations that may occur as a result of your submission (whether they be purposeful or accidental).

4. DDD will not approve any material that promotes recreation drug use of any kind, that promotes tobacco use, that is pornographic in nature, that is illegal, or that encourages illegal behaviors.

Upon approval, the following terms and conditions will apply:

1. The artist will reserve the right to be removed from the Spotlight Artist Program at any time by contacting DDD to request a cancellation. DDD will facilitate the removal within 3-5 business days.

2. DDD reserves the right to cancel an artist’s inclusion in the Spotlight Artist Program at its discretion and at any time without prior notice.

3. There are no membership fees associated with being in the Spotlight Artist Program.

4. If an artist’s work is selected for broadcast on DDD’s media channels (DDD TV, DDD Radio, etc.), a royalty program will be worked out and discussed with the artist prior to the inclusion of the work in any broadcasts.

5. The artist must give consent for the work to be included in DDD media broadcasts. Broadcast inclusion is optional.

DDD Spotlight Artist Program Application (Currently for U.S. residents only)

We will contact you via email with our first stage determination within 5 business days of receiving your application . If we decide that you are eligible to move on to the next stage of the selection process, we will ask you to submit more information to us for review.

Please note that being approved as a Spotlight Artist does NOT mean that you have a legal contract of any kind with us. We will NOT be acting as your agent, publisher, producer, etc. Rather, we are providing a space for your bio and work on our site and possibly including it in our media broadcasts. This will be done at our sole discretion, and we have no obligations to feature or broadcast the material.

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