Electroprophet was an electronic music project that was launched in Upstate New York at the beginning of 2006. The project was conceived by artist Jason D, who wrote and arranged all of the music and lyrics and also performed the vocals. Electroprophet’s style can best be described as a blend of elements from the metal, electronica, rock, ambient, techno, dance, and industrial music genres. Electroprophet released three major studio albums during the four years that followed its conception: “Let’s Put It Back Together” (2008), “Electro-Dreamer” (2009), and “Mystique of the Millennia” (2010).

“Let’s Put It Back Together – Released on March 19, 2008, this 12-track debut album from Electroprophet features hard-hitting and fresh-sounding industrial-style electronic metal. Thematically, the album takes a look at the state of our world and reflects on the dire need for positive changes. The album’s thought provoking and prophetic lyrics resulted in Electroprophet’smusic being called “music that speaks to the world.”

“Electro-Dreamer” – Released on June 7th, 2009, Electro-Dreamer features 12 tracks of intense, engaging, and purely instrumental electronic music. The songs primarily straddle the lines between the electronica, ambient, dance, and techno music genres. Each one attempts to immerse the listener in a dreamy and energetic world of sharp sounds and strong feelings.

“Mystique of the Millennia – Released on April 26, 2010, this highly anticipated third album from Electroprophet features deep and thought provoking lyrics along with a refined musical sound that straddles the lines between the rock, industrial, metal, and electronica music genres. Thematically, Mystique of the Millenniapicks up where Let’s Put It Back Togetherleft off by attempting to delve deeper into life’s great mysteries and issues with its mystical and intellectually charged lyrics.

The Electroprophet project officially came to an end in December of 2010. Electroprophet’s music is still being sold and streamed worldwide on all of the major digital music platforms.

In January of 2019, Divinity Digital Development acquired the rights to the Electroprophet project and all associated materials. On April 2, 2019, DDD released a reissue of Electro-Dreamer,” which is now available for free download and streaming from the DDD website. On April 14, 2019, DDD released a reissue ofLet’s Put It Back Together,” which is now available on all of the major digital music platforms. On April 21, 2019, DDD released a reissue of Mystique of the Millennia,” which is now available on all of the major digital music platforms.

A new compilation album entitled “It’s Half Full,” which will consist of Electroprophet’s best hits as well as several previously unreleased tracks, is scheduled for release by DDD in the summer of 2019.

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