“Mystique of the Millennia” (Reissue)

Originally released on April 26, 2010, this highly anticipated third album from Electroprophet features deep and thought provoking lyrics along with a refined musical sound that straddles the lines between the rock, industrial, metal, and electronica music genres. Thematically, “Mystique of the Millennia” picks up where Let’s Put It Back Together left off by attempting to delve deeper into life’s great mysteries and issues with its mystical and intellectually charged lyrics.

A reissue of “Mystique of the Millennia” will be released on May 13, 2019 and includes nine digitally remastered tracks as well as new album cover artwork.

ALBUM TITLE: “Mystique of the Millennia”
ARTIST: “Electroprophet”

LABEL: Divinity Digital Development

GENRES: Industrial; Metal; Rock; Electronica

RUNTIME: 32:33

COVER ART BY: Divinity Digital Development (2019)

Digital downloads of the album can be purchased on the following music platforms:

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