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LOCATION: Hudson County, NJ

ABOUT: Anthony Castro is an American film actor who is an underdog of sorts. He has portrayed numerous roles in both the indie and student film circuits, has become an ambassador for the upcoming social entertainment network Clapit due to his improvisational and acting skills being valued, and continues to build his network in the NYC/NJ markets. His love for this artform can be observed through his dedication to the craft, as every experience is viewed by him as a new learning opportunity for growth. Anthony shares his thoughts on acting in the following quote:

“I have a passion that drives me; when I am in front of the camera, my imagination flourishes and I immerse myself into the character I am portraying which therefore gives it life.”

Aside from his passion for acting, Anthony has also thrown the traditional path of following one line of work out the window and continues his education in both the acting and science curriculums. Having an Associate in Natural Science & Math along with continuing his education in Biology, he has carefully decided that his future plans include acting in film & television, wildlife conservation, and working on productive documentaries, as his route becomes clearer with time. Being humble and supportive by nature, Anthony not only wants to make a positive impact in the world but hopes to collaborate with like-minded individuals who are looking to bring their projects to life as well.

ANHONY’S WORK: Anthony is open-minded about the roles he takes on, but he usually gravitates towards those robust in nature with complex personalities. Along with being highly charismatic with a comedic vibe, Anthony withholds an intensity that can be described as dynamic to say the least. His recent on-screen portrayals include a social media-addicted nephew, a best man whose drinking blocked his intuition, an abusive officer who controlled his wife with fear, a deranged husband who devised a plan to kill his cheating wife, a trucker who accidentally hit an alien on the road, an injured hiker whose sanity was tested, an Italian crime boss womanizer, and Jesus Christ himself. Also, he has performed opposite Soprano’s star Tony Sirico as a mob-bound warehouse worker in the upcoming feature film “Sarah Q.” Anthony continues to broaden his network, adding more projects to his acting queue as time progresses. Some of these planned roles in later months include a nonchalant skater dude, a quirky pizza delivery guy, a villainous bartender in a western, a struggling soldier in a zombie apocalypse, a demon-possessed roommate, a sleek businessman with questionable etiquette, and a determined father preparing to take down a sex trafficking ring in search for his kidnapped daughter. 

With all that he’s accomplished and all that he hopes to do, Anthony’s humble and professional demeanor can be expected with every project he takes on. If you have a project that you are looking to cast or would just like to review his work altogether, feel free to do so using the following links. Becoming a DDD Spotlight Artist has given him the chance to broaden his network and connect, as he looks forward to all opportunities to come.


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