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LOCATION: Orange County, CA

ABOUT: “I’ve been a writer for most of my professional career- because I enjoy interviewing, writing and editing. Not for the money, although that would be nice too:-)

I’m continuing as a writer, but also – in terms of my constant quest for creative self expression – am also getting back into my childhood passions of dance and acting (which came before writing) and modeling.

Dance and yoga are my main hobbies. Plus anything outside! I spend way too much time on the computer writing and editing!”

D. HELENE’S WORK: “I’m part of the 99% and am on a quest for creative self expression and financial abundance. I’ve written two novels about the struggle between survival and creative self expression: “Diary of a 99%: and “The (In)elegant Struggle of Breaking Paradigms.” I am currently working on a third novel.”


Check out D. Helene’s homepage: https://creativefreedomandexpression.wordpress.com/

Check out D. Helene’s novels on Amazon:

“Diary of a 99%”

“The (In)elegant Struggle of Breaking Paradigms”

Contact D. Helene via email: dhelene42@yahoo.com

Check out D. Helene on social media:

Instagram: @helene6699

Twitter: @dhelene42

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