DDD Spotlight Artist

TYPE OF ARTIST: Actress, Model, Dancer

LOCATION: Orange County, CA

ABOUT: “Classically trained ballet dancer, whose love of performing catalyzed me to become an actress as a child. Recently have gotten back into acting, with passion and perseverance. Taking classes in the Meisner technique. Skilled in improv, comedy and drama. Use emotion from dance, as well as body movement, to draw upon as an actress. Grateful for the Clapit app which so easily facilitates auditioning.

DEDE NEWMAN’S WORK: “Grateful to have been selected for several roles via Clapit, including Jason DeStefano’s film, Revelation. Also, just shot a speaking role in a short film in LA, that I received through Actors Access. And, recently won Clapit’s comedy search!! Laughter, as well as prayer, is so important with everything going on these days. I thank God for my creative blessings and my creative network.”


Check out Dede Newman’s homepage: https://creativefreedomandexpression.wordpress.com/

Check out Dede Newman’s acting reel:


Check out Dede Newman on social media:

Instagram: @dedenew88

IMDB: http://imdb.me/DedeNewman

IMDB: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiqqSnx-QOLhpNGG8wDZc5A

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