DDD Spotlight Artist

TYPE OF ARTIST: Singer / writer

LOCATION: New Jersey

ABOUT: “My name is Michelina Giuliano, and I have had a love for music since the very young age of two. I sang in school choirs starting when I was a five-year-old in elementary school and through my senior year at Caldwell College. In a Spring Concert at Caldwell College, I sang a solo from the Broadway Musical “My Fair Lady” entitled “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” I also sang a solo at the Graduating Class of 2002 Baccalaureate Mass. Since 2012, I have been singing Soprano in the choir at Church of Our Lady of the Valley’s weekly Sunday mass. In 2014, I did a solo performance of the piece “Then Sings My Soul” by Stuart K. Hine at the “Talent Show of Hope.” In 2015, I sang a dedication song entitled “Santa Lucia,” which was inspired by the fact that my right eye was miraculously healed following a diagnosis earlier that year. I attributed the healing to Saint Lucy. My Catholic faith has always been strong, and consequently I have always been inspired to participate in outreach services and to help out in various capacities at my church. “

MICHELINA ON CREATIVITY: I have always believed that “Knowledge is Power” and that one’s mind is an open book. Along those lines, I believe that if one simply let one’s mind be open, all knowledge and creativity will flow from that intelligence.


Check out Michelina on YouTube: “Then Sings My Soul

Contact Michelina via email: mgiuliano1319@optimum.net

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Facebook: Michelina Giuliano

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