DDD Spotlight Artist

TYPE OF ARTIST: Digital artist / writer / actor


ABOUT: “My name is Michael J Falotico, my love for music and lyrics led me into a world of poetry and art. I’ve written three poetry books and have began an adventure into digital art. My life is driven by creativity from cooking to photography and also a touch of acting and writing. I believe each of us has the ability to create and speak through our work whether in words, brush strokes or story telling. I consider myself a tree with never ending branches that stretch my mind and soul.”

MICHAEL’S WORK: “I’ve learned from the great artists of the world to express and create art that shows the world the way you see and allowing the observer another way of seeing life. I believe our heart and souls have eyes and this is my view.“


Check out Michael’s web series “The Poet’s Table

Check out Michael’s appearance on the show “One on One

Check out Michael’s books

Contact Michael via email: poetryofmichael@yahoo.com

Check out Michael on social media:

Facebook (poetry): poetmike

Facebook (artwork): poetmikeartwork

Instagram: poet_mike_

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