“Left to the Imagination”

Left to the Imagination” is a sexy new film which features hot models from all around the world acting out various fantasies and erotic scenarios.

You won’t find any nudity or profane language in “Left to the Imagination,” because we believe that a movie can still be hot and geared towards mature adult audiences without using them. In fact, sometimes things can be even hotter… when they’re “Left to the Imagination.”

Check out the “Left to the Imagination” promo trailer: “Hotter When Left to the Imagination”

Now available on DDD Television and Amazon Prime

Submit a Fantasy to Ellie

If you would like to have your fantasy considered for inclusion in future installments of “Left to the Imagination,” you can send us a request by filling out the following submission form. We will be reading all of them and getting our hot models to act out the ones that we like the best.


  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Do NOT use any profane language in your request.
  • Describe your fantasy in a tasteful manner and using a tasteful choice of language.
  • Do NOT include anything that would require nudity in order to depict it on screen.
  • Do NOT include the details of any sexual acts. The purpose of this film series is to highlight and showcase beauty, sexiness, flirtation, seduction, the art of attraction, and the power of the imagination. We do not and will not produce anything pornographic. The focus of your fantasy should be on things like the scenario, the appearances of the participants, the setting, and the clothing worn.
  • You may request a scene that involves dialogue, but please do NOT provide the dialogue.
  • Do NOT be too specific in your descriptions.
  • Do NOT include any illegal drug use, marijuana use, tobacco use, or vape use in your request.
  • Do not submit any copyrighted material or ideas that are protected by intellectual property rights.
  • If your fantasy is chosen for inclusion, you will be required to sign a release form that gives us legal permission to include your first name, your city or state, and your request letter in the production.
  • Your fantasy may NOT include, be about, or be related to any sexual behaviors, actions, concepts, etc. that are illegal in the United States and/or traditionally considered deviant or immoral.

Requests that violate any of these requirement will be disqualified from consideration and deleted.


ACCEPTABLE REQUEST: “I like to imagine that a beautiful woman who is dressed in a sexy maid outfit is trying to seduce me while I am watching her clean a room that I am sitting in. At first, she does some subtle things to get my attention, like dropping her duster on the floor and bending over to pick it up. Then she eventually takes off all of her clothes except for her bra and panties and starts dancing around.”

UNACCEPTABLE REQUEST: “I like to imagine myself having rough sex with a woman who is dressed in a sexy maid outfit. First we have sex on the couch. Then we have sex on the table. Then I take her from behind…”

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