“Theater of the Supernatural: City of the Dead”

“Theater of the Supernatural” is a new film series which presents brand new versions some of the greatest classic movies of all time, spanning across a variety of genres (horror, sci-fi, mystery, spiritual, and comedy). All of the movies that were chosen to be part of the series have one thing in common… they have supernatural elements and themes in them.

Our new versions of the presented films are unique in several ways. For starters, we’ve added some extra scenes that we created and that have never been seen before to each of the movies. Additionally, we’ve digitally enhanced, restored, and/or remastered the original movies. And perhaps the biggest of the changes is that we’ve animated all of the films. So what was once shot and shown as a live action film (in black & white in most cases) can now be seen as an animated color movie.

Another premise of the series is that the new scenes that we’ve hidden throughout the movies are actually part of a bigger mystery that stretches across all of the movies that the series presents… and this mystery is part of an ongoing plot that the hosts of the show are experiencing and discussing with the viewers during each installment.

This first installment of the series takes a look at one of the greatest horror classics of all time.. “City of the Dead.”

“Theater of the Supernatural: City of the Dead” was released on August 26, 2022 on streaming channels in the United States.

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