Masks & Mystery Clues

What’s going on in Masks & Mystery? Is the movie trying to tell us something about the nature of reality? Or maybe about the universe and how it works?

Is everything in the movie just a dream? Or is it a dream within a dream? Or a dream within a dream within a dream?

Or is everything part of the reality of a different world, or a different layer of existence, or even a computer simulation?


Do you notice anything strange about the way that the man and the woman in the mirrored costumes speak?

Throughout the movie, there is a man playing a saxophone on the screen. Listen closely to the music that is playing. Do you notice anything bizarre?

Can you find any inconsistencies in the movie that might be telling you something?

Did you notice the mysterious man with the digital screen for a face? Is he just a player in a dream, or is he something more?

Did you watch the sequence that is after the end credits?

Could differences in the visual appearances of the scenes (color, cinematic look, etc.) throughout the movie be telling you something about what is happening?

Do you notice anything stranger going on with the characters who are in the seats watching a performance?

Are all of the 7 clues listed above really helpful clues, or are some of them red-herrings?

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